Natallie is the youngest of three little girls that Ryan, a police officer and his wife Jess have.  She was born August 1, 2012 and at the young age of 5 weeks old had her first grand mal seizure.  She was rushed to the hospital and soon was being flown to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  After months of testing, hours of EEG's, 7 induced comas, breathing tubes, MRI's, spinal taps, thousands of seizures and spending more time in hospitals than out. Natallie was diagnosed with Malignant Migrating Partial Seizure Disorder caused by SCN2a mutation.  At the time of this diagnosis she was the first ever with this exact mutation for which there was no known treatment.

After months of seizures and seemingly no hope, her neurologist started a new medicine that was a non FDA approved drug that insurance would not cover.  Ryan and Jess decided to live every day to the fullest and make as many family memories as possible.


A message from the Artist:  Sue Thelen

I am also the Mom of a Police Officer and when my son told me about Natallie  I knew I wanted to help this family.  Using my love of nature and the appreciation I have for Law Enforcement Military and other First Responders, I created a painting that combined both.  The defiant Eagle with the feathered thin blue line and the scripture quote honors the men and women who sacrifice daily to serve and protect all of us. 


How can you help Natallie ?

With a Donation made to "Natallie's Eagle" of $75.00 or more you will receive a print of "Natalie's Eagle" signed by the artist, matted and ready to be placed in a 16x20 frame.  Except for the costs of printing and mailing, all proceeds will go to a non-profit fund that will help with Natallie's medical costs and possibly to other families with similar financial needs.



"Natallie's Eagle"

Meet Natallie

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Sue Thelen